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Tixati 3.21.1 PC Software

Tixati 3.21.1

Tixati 3.21.1 Introduction

Amid this plethora of file-sharing and peer-to-peer networks, it is quite tough to locate a good and efficient BitTorrent client that is user-friendly as well.

Tixati 3.21.1 PC Software (
Tixati 3.21.1 PC Software (


Tixati belongs to this league of a rare good and quite a leading player. This article deals with the review of Tixati 3.21.1, explaining its features, functionalities, system requirements, and overall performance.

Whether you’re an advanced user of torrents or just a newbie explorer in the land of P2P sharing, this article will help you understand why Tixati is an app that should be on your shortlist.

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Tixati 3.21.1 Description

A feature of Tixati is that it operates over the BitTorrent protocol.

BitTorrent is actually one powerful free peer-to-peer file sharing application.

Tixati 3.21.1 PC Software (

BitTorrent is an approach to the widespread distribution of large volumes of data without the original distributor incurring the entire costs of hardware, hosting, and bandwidth resources.

t has no spyware or adverts found in other clients; hence, Tixati is clean and safe for users to use.

Mostly focusing on speed, efficiency, and most certainly user control in development,

it has proven to be a very strong alternative to more mainstream clients.

The program’s user interface is feature-packed, yet intuitive—meaning users shouldn’t experience major navigational headaches moving through the various functions without a steep learning curve.

It supports all important BitTorrent functions including magnet links, DHT (Distributed Hash Table), PEX (Peer Exchange), and RSS feeds, etc.
This means that it is quite an extensive setup, with as many options as experienced users might want to adjust.

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Tixati 3.21.1 Software Features

1. Interface and User Experience
The main window in Tixati is elaborately laid out with an extensive listing of active, queued, and completed transfers.

Tixati 3.21.1 PC Software (

There are tabs in the main window for the toggling of sections one might want to view, such as transfers, channels, bandwidth, and others.

2. Utilisation of Resources in
One of the most impressive features Tixati has to offer is its streamlined resource management.

The piece of software is engineered in such a manner that it uses less CPU and memory.

3. Elaborate Bandwidth
Tixati comes with advanced bandwidth management options to set specific maximum transfer rates both on upload and download speeds.

It has real-time charts and graphs showing bandwidth usage, enabling its users to keep an eye on activities going on over the network and fine-tuning further toward perfection.

4. All-in-one Transfer Management
Many other transfer management tools are provided, including file priorities within torrents,

Other features include setting file priorities within torrents and scheduling downloads or automating operations based on transfer completion.

This application also supports all of the common BitTorrent extensions, including magnet links, tracker-less torrents using DHT, and PEX.

5. Advanced Peer Control
Advanced peer control features:

The user can get detailed information from all connected peers, including their IP address, client software, and current activity. A user can even block them, if necessary, by IP address or range, thus allowing maximum control over the environment of downloading.

6. Embedded RSS Reader
The integrated RSS reader is a helpful addition for anyone who downloads fresh content on a regular basis.

It obviously adds more convenience and time-saving grace to all your routine downloading needs.

7. The Messages and Channels are Encrypted
Tixati enables encrypted chat and messaging features.

You can join public channels or create your own private ones, which guarantees communications secure between the users themselves.

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Tixati 3.21.1 System Requirements

Tixati is purposely designed to be extremely lightweight and power-efficient, seamlessly working on a wide range of hardware configurations. Below are the system requirements for Tixati 3.21.1:

Tixati 3.21.1 PC Software (

Basic Needs
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 or newer / Linux with GTK+ 2.16 or

newer Processor: 1 GHZ CPU Memory: 512 MB RAM Hard disk space: 30 MB for

installation Network: Broadband Internet Connection Recommended

Requirements OS: Windows 10 and above, also supporting the latest Linux distributions.

Processor: Multi-core CPU

Memory: 2 GB RAM or above

Hard Disk Space: 100 MB or more, for installation

Network: High-speed broadband`

Download Link : HERE

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File Version & Size : 3.21.1 | 35 MB
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Support OS : All Windows (64Bit)
Virus Status : 100% Safe Scanned By Avast Antivirus

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