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Concise Beam PC Software

Concise Beam

Concise Beam Introduction:

This software is a very robust and flexible software application that has been developed to be used by engineers and professionals in the field of structural engineering.

Concise Beam PC Software
Concise Beam PC Software

It has made the design and analysis of the beam structure very easy and, therefore, is very valuable not only to the novice but also to the experienced engineers.

With an easy-to-use user interface, advanced analytical capabilities, and full features.

Concise Beam has been in the lead of many leading solutions in structural engineering software.

Concise Beam Description:

The Concise Beam software is a product developed by Blackwell Software for the design and analysis of precast and prestressed concrete beams.

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It comes integrated with many features and can be easily used in the design of beams such as continuous, cantilevered, and many others.

The software is compatible with many different design codes and standards; therefore, it will be flexible for regional or project purposes.
As earlier mentioned, Concise Beam aims at making beam design efficient, safe, and economic to the engineer.

It automates most of the complex calculations involved in beam analysis and, in the process, reduces chances of errors and, therefore, drastically speeds up the design process.

It is found most useful in the design of concrete structures, where many calculations are performed and exactness, as well as observance to standards, is very important.

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Concise Beam Overview:

Concise Beam is a live product, continuously developing with the changing needs of the engineering community. Its latest version,, brings in hundreds of improvements and new features.

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So much edge has been placed on technology and usability, such that Concise Beam is a tool that structural engineers can rely upon at all times.

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Concise Beam Software Features:

Graphical Input and Output:

Tabbed Navigation:

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The use of tabs enables a customer to easily switch from one section of the software to another with speed.
Customization Options:

The user can customize the interface according to their workflow—for example, changing the layout or changing the display settings.

Prestressed Concrete Design:

The software has some tools specifically developed for use with prestressed concrete beams and the prestress effect in relation to the behavior of the beam.
Capabilities for Analysis
The analysis strength of Concise Beam is great, and it is therefore possible to obtain detailed information on beam structures’ behavior under several conditions.

Moment-Curvature Analysis: This analysis is useful for knowing the relationship between the bending moments and curvature in the beam.
Shear Force Analysis:

This is an important feature to perform a detailed analysis of the shear force when designing beams in the most efficient way to resist the shear force.
Deflection Analysis:

Engineers will be able to resolve the deflection of beams under varying load conditions.

while ensuring that such beams are within the serviceability limit states.
Creating Reports
Powerful in-built characteristics for report generation;

Allows users to create extremely detail and customizable reports; The reports will include the following :

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Concise Beam System Requirements:

To ensure that this system works perfectly, users should be careful to see that their system meets the requirements as follows:

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 or later (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent It

has Hard Drive: 2 GB available space

Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card

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