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AFT xStream 3.0.1104 PC Software

AFT xStream 3.0.1104

AFT xStream 3.0.1104 Introduction

This is a leading-edge simulation tool in the modeling and analyzing transient flow in gas and steam piping systems.

AFT xStream 3.0.1104 PC Software (
AFT xStream 3.0.1104 PC Software (

 Applied Flow Technology developed the program and has been widely recognized as providing accurate and detailed insight into complex systems under all types of conditions.

Whether working in natural gas pipelining or steam distribution networks, AFT xStream presents the engineer and designer with an integrated solution for almost any application with compressible fluids.

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AFT xStream 3.0.1104 Description

The software supports so many industries: power generation, petrochemical, oil, and gas, along with HVAC.

AFT xStream 3.0.1104 PC Software (

With its design, the main objective was to allow the engineer to foresee problems before they exist, which translates into a better design that is efficient and also safe.

AFT xStream combines ease of use with powerful analytical capabilities, making it an essential tool for novice and experienced engineers.

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AFT xStream 3.0.1104 Overview

Showing the latest version, AFT xStream 3.0.1104, gives evidence of the fluid practical analysis tools in AFT.

In this case, previous versions have stood on a solid foundation due to gaining user feedback and improving the most current technological advancements within the solution for robustness and extensibility.

AFT xStream 3.0.1104 PC Software (

Capabilities in Modeling

The software supports an extensive range of fluid properties and simulates both steady-state and transient conditions.

With such flexibility, an analyst can observe the result for different scenarios and understand how various factors affect system performance.

Transient Analysis

By understanding how the system responds to such transient events, it is possible to design engineers who can create increasingly resilient systems.

Create in-depth reports

AFT xStream provides detailed reports that summarize the simulation results quantitatively.

The report generates a graphical presentation, such as graphs and charts, for data interpretation.

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AFT xStream 3.0.1104 Software Features

xStream 3.0.1104 is over-bloated with features that enhance the use and performance intended for the application.

Features are meant to give the engineer the tools they need for a detailed analysis to act on his piping system.
Real-Life Scenario

AFT xStream 3.0.1104 PC Software (

xStream allows for the building of multiple scenarios within a single project, meaning that designs with different alternatives can be compared, thereby ensuring that performance at every operating condition can be known.

It will be an excellent feature to understand the effect of different alternatives on either design or operation in system performance.

Just a comparison of scenarios against each other will help an engineer ascertain within which configuration the system will perform.

Thermodynamic and Heat Transfer Analysis

AFT xStream goes further than just fluid dynamics analysis, however, it has utilities built-in to treat the properties of thermodynamics and heat transfer.

This is essential in systems where steam or other compressible fluids are used since, in those circumstances, changes in temperature could cause a significant variation in the system’s behavior.

With this capacity, the software can perform realistic and comprehensive simulations of a system.

Libraries of Custom Components

AFT xStream includes a complete library of critical components—pipes, valves, pumps, and heat exchangers.

The user may customize any of these components to meet their needs, or a completely new one may be defined.

AFT xStream 3.0.1104 System Requirements

AFT xStream 3.0.1104 will require a few system specifications to ensure optimum performance based on what it is preconfigured to work with.
Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i5 or its equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Storage: 2 GB of available disk space

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